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The ever-changing weather conditions are bound to affect the durability of any structure. This includes the impact of excessive heat, humidity, rain, in addition to a number of other external factors. It eventually leads to problems such as leakage and seepage which ruin the aesthetic appeal of the construction. This also creates an unhealthy environment for the occupants of the structure. This is because of the allergy causing mold and mildew that thrive in moisture affected areas of the construction.

Setting up a waterproofing system becomes crucial to prevent damage to your structure. Whether it is a small or large construction, water accumulation will lead to excessive leakage if not treated in time. Implementing a waterproofing solution extends the age of a structure by decades as it combats the ill-effects of climate-change.

Raja & Raja ® Waterproofing Pvt. Ltd. a part of Raja & Raja ® Group has been in the industry since 1984, and has dealt with a number of waterproofing problems & have provided pioneering waterproofing solutions over the past three decades.

We provide waterproofing solutions for RCC (Reinforced Cement Concrete) construction structures which includes terraces, parapet walls, ducts, concealed leak lines, sidewalls, balconies, WCs, bathrooms, kitchen sinks, water tanks, swimming pools and basements. With our client base ranging from individuals and factories to contractors and organizations, we have gained a wide range of experience.

We specialize in solving every kind of leakage challenge, with highly effective products and end-to-end after-sales support.

Key Differentiators

Know, how we differentiate ourselves from others!

Minimum Warranty of 5 Years

Customised Solutions

InHouse Production (RND Team & RND Unit)

Professionally Trained, Expert & Experienced Team

35+ Years of Experience & Good Will

100% Satisfactory Results

Assured & Reliable Services

Diverse Client Base

Prompt After-Sales Services (TurnAroundTime of Less than 48 Hours)

Pioneering Raj Technology (NO BREAKAGE) for WATERPROOFING

Our Services

Our existing customers are not left behind! We provide prompt after-sales support in order to ensure our waterproofing solutions perform as expected after they are implemented at the client’s location.

We strive to provide the required assistance within 48 hours of a complaint being registered. A number of free after-sales services are an added bonus for our customers. And we pride ourselves in our waterproofing solutions as not one has required more than 2 to 3 after-sales services.

Solution to any internal leakage of Bathrooms & Kitchens WITHOUT any breakage of ceilings,
walls or floorings in ~ 6 hours per unit


We, at Raja & Raja Waterproofing Pvt. Ltd. are a team of professionally trained experts.We strive to provide each client with the best customer experience which includes the top waterproofing solution for their construction.

With the development of our waterproofing technology known as Raj Technology, we have revolutionized our waterproofing solutions. It Any type of internal waterproofing problem can be fixed within 6 hours

Our Team

Our team of experts critically analyse each customer’s waterproofing problems and necessities,and recommend the optimal waterproofing solution that best fits their requirement.

With our Research and Development Team constantly innovating and restructuring the waterproofing methods we implement, the waterproofing solutions we provide are always up-to-date.

Our Products

Our expertise comes in when everyone else with everyone fails.

We can waterproof all types of RCC (Reinforced Cement & Concrete) construction structures, including terraces, parapet walls, ducts, concealed leaked lines, sidewalls, balconies,WCs, bathrooms & kitchen sinks, water tanks, swimming pools, and basements.

We have developed few core products through extensive research to back our services:

  • Crack Filler(s)
  • Underlay Coat(s)
  • Plaster Protective Coat(s)
  • Performance Coating
  • TOP Coat(s)
  • Clear Coat(s)
  • Protective Coats(s)
  • Anti-Carbonation Coat
  • Concrete Admix-Tonic
  • Repair Mortar
  • Grout Sealer
  • Tile & Stone Adhesives
  • Sealants
  • Ultra-Performance Systems
  • Liquid Applied Waterproofing
  • Spray Applied Waterproofing
  • Triple Action Waterproofing Component
  • Multi Action Waterproofing Component

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