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Waterproofing Dos and Don’ts

Planning and designing your perfect home or office entails more than just tending to the aesthetic appeal and interior decor of the space. Here’s one important question to ponder over before the new sofa is drawn in, or the terrace lawn is beautified – Is my home waterproofed correctly?Wouldn’t we all agree that there’s nothing worse than spotting unsightly cracks, rising dampness or leaks in the foundation?

The solution lies in advanced waterproofing solutions implemented earlier on.

We, at Raja & Raja Waterproofing Pvt. Ltd., utilize our years of expertise to provide you with a waterproofing solution that prevents future water leakage and seepage in your home. Find out how you can secure your home with our range of waterproofing solutions.

Waterproofing Different Structures

In the architectural scenario, structures and buildings differ in terms of toughness and tensile strength. This demands customized solutions for every space. The following spaces are commonly waterproofed through specialised products to achieve maximum water resistance and durability:

Below Grade Waterproofing

Structures that are built below ground-level such as basements and underground water tanks need waterproofing to ensure their sustainability and longevity. The solutions used are known as below grade waterproofing.

Above Grade Waterproofing

The sections of the structure that are directly exposed to the ill-effects of weather conditions, like external walls, need a protective barrier. Above grade waterproofing solutions cater to these problems.

Water prone area Waterproofing:

Areas in a structure that are in constant contact with water need to be waterproofed too. These include bathrooms, water closets, kitchen sinks and swimming pools.

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Types Of Waterproofing

The process of waterproofing involves methods and steps to fortify the built structure, waterproof it or make it resistant to water ingress and penetration. An integral part is that it protects the building against potential water leakage or seepage, which can weaken the structure and cause severe damage to health and property.

During the construction process, the use of high-tech waterproofing compounds, membranes and coatings are applied to waterproof the space and the structures within. The targeted solutions include:

Membrane Based
Coating Based
Integral Waterproofing
Injection Grouted Systems
Remedial Waterproofing

Waterproofing solutions help in prolonging the lifespan of the constructed structure. Ensure your home is protected from rust or corrosion with our concrete waterproofing solutions.

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All these methods are used towards waterproofing; but selection of which method to be used depends on the variety of factors such as Intensity of Leakage, Sources of the same, Executability at site etc.

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