Kitchen Sumps – The New-Age Waterproofing Technique you should bring home today!

Kitchen Sumps And The Challenges Faced

Maintaining your kitchen is of vital importance, since every meal is prepared within its walls; the level of hygiene directly affects your health. Poor planning which includes a lack of ventilation or structural waterproofing could compromise on the hygiene factor. Particularly, the presence of sinks and washing machines inherently put this zone in your home at the risk of severe damage.

Waterproofing The Kitchen

Since kitchens are prone to damp conditions, the first way to inhibit the same is by introducing a robust drainage mechanism. Sumps serve as an ideal drainage system by preventing water from flooding your kitchen.

They also help prevent the damaging consequences, which are often a result of poor plumbing and lack of quality waterproofing. They eventually contribute towards:

  • Controlling the appearance of mold and mildew due to high moisture content.
  • Preventing termites and insects from infesting the kitchen after installation which occur due to a moist environment .

Here is a checklist to make sure you are waterproofing the crucial areas in your kitchen:

Tile joints.
Drainage pipes.
Sanitary fittings.
Kitchen splashback.

Final Note – Why Your Kitchen Needs It

Since the kitchen is one of the rooms that features active plumbing, concrete waterproofing plays an important role here. The procedure entails methods like introducing a kitchen sump, effectively coating and priming as well as using waterproof grout and sealants. This helps achieve a functional, hygienic and decay-free kitchen area.

Here are 3 reasons you need to subscribe to a waterproofing course:

  1. It tackles minor, unseen leaks, which are carriers of potential bacteria-causing infections.
  2. The process drastically reduces the risk of water logging.
  3. It intensively works to protect your metal appliances from rust or corrosion.

Try one of our advanced waterproofing solutions to keep water from damaging appliances in your kitchen! We offer an array of products which cover a wide range of options for your requirements.

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