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When designing a house, walls are not just boundaries, they act as a support, and a divide to enclose an area. Whether they are made of concrete, bricks or cement, they bear the biggest brunt of all – changing weather! The top of the sidewalls is attached to the roof and could face seepage due to water running off the roof. Sidewalls are also exposed to the force of heavy rains due to winds during the monsoons which highly impacts their structure. Therefore, it becomes extremely important to waterproof the sidewalls to avoid damage to them and in turn the structure.

The Importance Of Sidewall Waterproofing

Sidewall waterproofing is done below as well as above the decoration of the walls. Apart from coating them with regular paint, they are treated with a layer of waterproof paint/ membrane, etc., to be efficiently waterproof. This process of coating the walls with a layer of protection helps in the following ways:

Fixes cracks

The coatings can also help bridge cracks in the wall that may lead to water seepage resulting in the weakening of the building/ structure.

Promotes safety

It improves the atmosphere of the building/structure by preventing the growth of mold that causes allergies and asthma, creating a safe place to live and work.

Reduces repairs

Moreover, waterproofing during construction prevents/reduces the need to spend money on repair work later, in addition to making the structure/building look ‘aesthetically’ better.

Increases property value

It may even increase the value of the property later.


These extra layers make sidewalls resistant to algae, mold and so on.

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