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Basements and Water Damage

Are you planning on revamping your basement into a store room, gym, spare bedroom, library or a mini sports room? Or is it a basement parking area connected to your office or residential building that is being renovated? Then, you may want to consider the truth about this particular space in your building or office premises.

Although converting the area into a room allows you to utilize the space, basements are more prone to mold, mildew and other water-based damage. Since they are located below ground level, it is imperative that you maintain them efficiently and carry out corrective measures to prevent such decay!

At Raja & Raja ® Waterproofing Pvt. Ltd., our mission is to protect your space from water damage. Our services encompass a series of methods and procedures catered towards basement waterproofing, to guard against seepage, leakage and other causes for wear and tear in a structure.

Why Basements Are at a Higher Risk

Basements are at a higher risk for water-induced damage mainly due to two factors:


Earth Movements, Weather Conditions like Water Table & Relative moisture levels.


Hydrostatic pressure on the basement floor.

These elements can exert pressure on the walls as well as the inner structure of the basement. When moisture from the ground is trapped in the foundation of the structure, it can lead to the development of cracks. Therefore, it is important to ensure its safety and yours with waterproofing methods such as crystalline coatings, membranes, Box type waterproofing layers and more!

Tackling Water Damage

Structures such as basements provide the most favourable and ideal living conditions for bacteria and fungus to thrive. Besides, fungal growth such as mold and mildew can be a catalyst to many health problems. They begin by growing in small spaces, but are capable of multiplying rapidly. Conducting a thorough waterproofing course aims at combating the underlying dampness while rooting out any possibility of fungal and mold infestation.

In instances where leakage is a concern due to spillage from pipes, the sight of cracks are not uncommon. These pose a threat to the structure in the long run; however, repairing the foundation can be a costly affair. In this case, waterproofing helps restore the structure, without making you incur heavy losses, financially.

Interior basement waterproofing and exterior basement waterproofing are great tools that will help tackle basement leakage effectively. Get expert guidance on waterproofing your basement. Contact our waterproofing experts for details on the best products and methods to locking water out and dryness in, within your basement.

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