The Below Grade Waterproofing system & Above Grade Waterproofing system have both defined & unique problem statement, which are different from each other.

The common brief about both systems are already shared in the previous posts. To summarise the same the tabular difference has been derived for the audience:


  Below Grade / Below Ground Systems Above Grade /Above Ground Systems
Resistance Hydrostatic Pressure Ultraviolet
Movement Capability Structural Thermal and Structural
System Accessibility post installation Mostly In-Accessible Accessible
Breathability Barrier System Breathable
Application Positive (from Inside) & Negative (from Outside) Application Negative (from Outside) Application Mostly
Wear & Tear No wear & tear apart from ground movement Traffic & Weathering
Aesthetic Hidden System Aesthetically Pleasant
System Remark Needs drainage & enhancement Freeze-Thaw Cycle Resistance


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