Waterproofing for a Green Roof:

What is green roof?

A green roof is also called a living life of a concrete jungle. The reason being these kinds of roofs are occupied by green vegetation or planter.

The benefit of keeping green roofs:

  1. Reduction of Urban Heat Island – Research in Green Roof Centres for climate change suggests we need a 10% increase in green space in our cities to combat climate change. This is particularly relevant to the reduction in the Urban Heat Island [UHIE]. Green roofs are recognized to have a positive effect on reducing the UHIE.
  2. Biodiversity – Green roofs can provide important refuges for wildlife in urban areas. Research in renowned countries has demonstrated that green roofs can provide important refuges for rare invertebrate populations.
  3. Water – Green roofs can significantly reduce the surface runoff volumes and rates of rainfall leaving roofs. As a source control mechanism in the Sustainable Urban Drainage System green roofs can help reduce flash floods as a consequence of intense rainfall events. This will become increasingly important as a consequence of climate change. Green roofs also improve the quality of water and although the amount of water is reduced it is possible to rainfall harvest from roofs that have been greened.
  4. Thermal Performance – Green roofs cannot be given a U-value at present. However they have been shown to significantly reduce the need for air conditioning in summer and can provide a degree of insulation in winter.
  5. Sound Insulation – The combination of soil, plants and trapped layers of air within green roof systems can act as a sound insulation barrier. Sound waves are absorbed, reflected or deflected. The growing medium tends to block lower sound frequencies whilst the plants block higher frequencies.
  6. Air Quality – Airborne particles and pollutants are filtered from the atmosphere by the substrates and vegetation on a green roof.
  7. Amenity Space – In dense concrete jungles there is often a lack of green space for residents. Roof Gardens and roof top parks provide important green spaces to improve the quality of life for urban residents.

The reasons to keep the Green Roof in modern concrete jungle looks obvious & clear.

The Basic reasons why building developer avoids to go for such is because of roles unclarity about who is responsible for what.
Generally when these kind of project fails the impact of the same primarily comes on the reputation of the developer.

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We at Raja & Raja® are defining this problem in real time for any developer who is willing to put the green roof.

A simplest solution to offer here is by differentiating the Waterproofing & Green Roof. 

The general mistake occurs here is the process mapping. During the ongoing process of construction the timelines are so tight that the deliverables if delayed cost a lot.
But people forget that, the aspect of creating a green roof is not relevant to the project timeline. The roof turns greener in due course of time.


  1. Get clear idea of vegetation or planter including their breed and position, age cycle & water requirements.
  2. Differentiate the water requirement & provide desired slope as per supply.
  3. Identify the robust waterproofing & water drainage system compatible with Green Roof Waterproofing Guidelines.
  4. Apply & forget.

A generous caution which one needs to look at these is the selection of Waterproofing has to be in complementing state with green roof. As the planter or vegetations grow the root starts to damage the waterproofing system and penetrates through them and result is LEAKAGE.

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The waterproofing of Green roof is must with subjective & selective robust waterproofing solutions which has anti-rooting properties and which are durable.

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