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Raja Haria is an Entrepreneur, Waterproofing Expert, Consultant and assists with a family owned Waterproofing Business. With a background in engineering, he brings in the Technical & Practical knowledge of waterproofing systems, materials and innovation.

5 Factors for Better Waterproofing of Terrace

Factors of Waterproofing of Terrace in India

7 eye-opening learnings – The KARMA of WATERPROOFING INDUSTRY!

Waterproofing industry has outgrown for multiple reasons to share, and one of them is the NEGLIGENCE of the worker or the associates;...

“Maintenance is Investment not Cost” – 2 Strong reasons to consider

Why Maintenance is Investment | Preventive Maintenance

Silicone Membrane – Emerging Waterproofing Coating Technology in India

Silicone Membrane Roof Coatings – An emerging Roof waterproofing technology in India It is a well-accepted fact that...

Yoga And Waterproofing – 5 Common & Powerful Fundamentals

Learning Yoga and Waterproofing is evergreen experience, the more you learn, deeper you know about it and at one point of time, you feel there's too much more.