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Key Factors to Evaluate When Selecting Waterproofing Option continued for Preventive Waterproofing.

For the PREVENTIVE Waterproofing Solution, which means the structure is about to get constructed or it’s already in the process of construction, the deciding and critical factors change dramatically:

  1. Geographic condition
  2. Geological condition or strata type
  3. The structural design or building design
  4. The expected life of the structure based on the design consideration
  5. Environment & Typical Climatic conditions (Rainfall data, high and low-temperature data, Radiation, Humidity, Dust accumulation, carbonation cycles etc.)
  6. Phase or status of the project
  7. Solution application (Whether required Foundation to Roof Top protection or only Water prone area protection?)
  8. Proposed utility of the structure
  9. Is the solution required for the exposed condition or the unexposed condition?
  10. Finishing materials which are going to be added post waterproofing?
  11. Steps & Agencies involved for phases after Waterproofing
  12. Budgeting for Waterproofing
  13. Material lifecycle and its durability
  14. Solution durability & sustainability expected (short-term or long-term)

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