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Key Factors to Evaluate When Selecting Waterproofing Option continued for Remedial Waterproofing.

For REMEDIAL Waterproofing Solutions required for existing structures, we take into account the following:

  1. Type of Structure and its details such as Age, current condition, Structural design or Building design
  2. Geographic condition
  3. Geological condition or Strata type
  4. Structural movement based on the above data
  5. Environment & Typical Climatic conditions (Rainfall data, high and low-temperature data, Radiation, Humidity, Dust accumulation, carbonation cycles etc.)
  6. History of the Waterproofing solution provided (including the system used, brand & product used, specification followed, Applicator details etc.)
  7. Data of past maintenance undertaken
  8. Utility of the structure
  9. Balance the life cycle of the structure.
  10. Surface conditions
  11. Is the solution required for the exposed condition or the unexposed condition?
  12. Open for a comprehensive solution or require a stop-gap/temporary solution.
  13. Plans for remodelling, repairs or any maintenance?

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