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While we have been talking about Waterproofing in all posts here, This post is one of the essential chapters on a subject that one can’t skip or can keep an option. It is a must-do chapter.

To ensure sufficient protection against water leakage, infiltration and related damages, one must consider several essential factors regarding Waterproofing.

As a homeowner, potential buyers may need to be more familiar with the technicalities and intricacies of the subject. But they tend to be easily influenced by TV commercials, internet promotions, advertisements, local presence and word-of-mouth recommendations from upcoming waterproofers and storekeepers. Big brands often approach these waterproofers to endorse and use their products. Consequently, many prefer to opt for the most well-known and recognised brands or products available. Although these brands offer a variety of products in their portfolio, the heavily promoted ones may vary in terms of functionality, performance, or even durability.

These brands promote generic, multi-purpose, low-cost products to capture and capitalise on the market and create brand awareness. 

Even buyers are OK to try and experiment. If the problem was minuscule and was a generic problem, this product performs, or else buyers are OK to fail as the costs were not much.

For a seasoned waterproofer, when a client (homeowner, home buyer) approaches them, they can’t, and they need not do trials or experiments with clients and their projects.

As a Waterproofing Professional & Waterproofing consultant, when we onboard a client’s project, we do not just look for a parameter; in fact, there are a series of parameters and factors to consider. We also follow a checklist compiled from our experience, expertise and various data points from our archives of over 1,83,000 site inspections and executions undertaken by us and our associate teams.

One critical aspect we carefully evaluate is whether the solution required is remedial or preventive.

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