What is Waterproofing?

Waterproofing is a protective measures or process or treatment that makes the surface or substrate water-resistant or prevents penetration of liquid, moisture intrusion under any circumstances (like hydrostatic pressure, capillary actions, etc.)

What is Damp-proofing?

A protective measure or process or treatment or system that is resistant to water vapor or minor amounts of moisture to any surface or substrate; and which also acts as a backup system to primary waterproofing systems or waterproofing materials.
It also means protection against moisture intrusion.
Generally damp proofing keeps moisture out of a building where vapor barriers keep interior moisture from getting into walls.
Damp-proofing systems are generally non-exposed systems.

Where do you need the Waterproofing?

Need of Waterproofing at:

  • Underground structures / Below-Ground substructure

    • Foundation

    • Basement

    • Drainage Systems

  • Above Ground Substructures

    • Wet Area

      • WC
      • Bathroom
      • Kitchen Area
    • Exposed to Atmosphere structures

      • Horizontal Surfaces
        • Terraces
        • Chajjas
        • Balconies
      • Vertical Surfaces
        • Parapet Walls
        • Sidewalls
      • Water Ponded Structures
        • Swimming Pools
        • Underground Water Tank
  • Overhead Water tank

  • Other Utilizes Surfaces:

    • Overhead Terrace Garden



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