Need of Waterproofing for concrete structures:

     Waterproofing has all different meanings across industries to industries. In constructions it is a measure to prevent water percolating the structural envelope and damaging it. Waterproofing is a preventive & non-curative measure.

Waterproofing could be attended for a structure in two phases.

  1. During Construction
  2. After Construction

     Waterproofing protects the building structure from water damage caused due to water ingress by means of moisture, seepage, leakage caused due to rain or related water sources.

     Without necessary waterproofing measure the hazardous risk towards integrity & life of structural envelope is likely to present. Many structures across nation & globe faces the failure of structural integrity due to poor or no waterproofing measures and eventually results in damages to the structure & envelope.
This is where importance of Concrete waterproofing and Waterproofing for Terrace signifies.

     Biggest culprit to these leakages are environment conditions like Sun, Wind and Rain. The structure always undergoes heat and cold cycle during day & night, this constant cycle develops crack in the structure. Also earth movement brings structural movement which brings these cracks develop deeper & brings bigger structural and leakage problem with deterioration & spalling of concrete with age.

                Development of mildew, mould, fungus are common symptoms of moisture presence which resembles presence of water due to poor or no waterproofing. This mould and fungus are not only good for health but also brings serious health hazards like breathing problem (asthma), skin & eye irritations, allergies and also fungal infection if not treated for leakage.


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Importance of Waterproofing for Building structures:

The need of waterproofing also signifies the importance.

  1. For Regulation: In earlier times, due to poor regulation governance, all premises seller weren’t offering a defect free liability and as a result people buying those premises has to undergo many troubleshooting activities like Waterproofing and so on.
    Now in recent times, Due to strict Real Estate Regulatory Authority (RERA) falling in place as one of the important requirements for receiving final Occupational certificate (OC) with provision of defect free liability for Leakage and related issues from the developers & contractors.
    This resembles the importance of Waterproofing towards longevity of the structure.
  2. Towards Risk Prevention: Not only good but right waterproofing solution adds on value to the asset in risk prevention. If right waterproofing is not provided, it can result in indirect damages to the asset and also risks the health value of individual residing there.
  3. In prevention of Structural value & Avoid unnecessary cost: Would you like to invest in waterproofing system by 3% of your actual asset valuation?
    Yes, of course this is the answer we received from most of the members we interacted till day. It is advisable & wise decision to invest in preventive risk measure than to let damage occur and pay for their rectification and losing peace of mind too. Every structure needs routine maintenance towards check of any damages caused due to structural movements, rain etc.


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