Core waterproofing is first line of defence of a any homeowner or structure owner against regular structural weakening caused by seeping water into a structure from below grade and above grade. So, waterproofing must be one of the first important improvement & investment a homeowner/structure owner thinks. It is far superior, and more lucrative, to stay away from disaster in the future rather than suffer one in future.

To know why waterproofing home is so vital, you need to understand “What are functions and purpose of Waterproofing?”.

Waterproofing is a protective measures or process or treatment that makes the surface or substrate water-resistant or prevents penetration of liquid, moisture intrusion under any circumstances (like hydrostatic pressure, capillary actions, air pressure difference, windy air etc.) on anything from paper milk to rain coats and juice cartons to structures but here in this article, we would talk on waterproofing a home.

Exterior and interior walls, foundations, roofs, basements, joints and pipes all need waterproofing solutions of some or the other kind.

It’s a common practice of slapping a new paint coat over the mildew on the ceiling of bathroom or to the particular spot where you see a wet patch or efflorescence in some sidewalls; Also, to put some marine grade sealant to the border of the kitchen sink meets the tiles of wall & platform; Such actions & decisions are by unorganised labours who specifically work on the daily wage basis for their survival.

It is simply covering up the trouble, and not fixing it to the source. Waterproofing if appropriately done, aims towards the ongoing cure and prevention of water damage from its source of the water intrusion, except concealment of damage already undertaken.

Understand importance of waterproofing  

At first, Waterproofing secures your structure, you, your family member residing in from Sun, Rain, Humidity, Environmental Pollution that are relentless and harsh. It is the stable result of weather on a home which causes harm in the first position, but the adoption of waterproofing measures would help you towards reduction in serious structural & physical harm.  

Health problems arising from the existence of damp interior walls and mold spores could be avoided with implementation of waterproofing. Waterproofing contractors keeps your possessions secure from water damage which results in combat to growth of algae, fungus & mildew.

A home without waterproofing will frequently invite problems and expense for you, towards repairs & health issues in the long-way, thus in this specific case, prevention of troubles caused by water is superior to cure, and some kind of investment now can Save Health & Wealth later.  Poor waterproofing can also add up to the higher consumption of electricity to keep your indoor environment dry using air conditioner.

The different aspects where one can get waterproofing done are:

  1. Foundations
  2. Basements
  3. Water Tanks (Over Head & Under Ground)
  4. Terraces
  5. Balcony & Chajjas
  6. Outside Walls
  7. WCs, Bathrooms & Kitchens
  8. Garden & Vertical Gardens

Your home must always be correctly waterproofed for the above reasons, but some homes requires more severe measures in comparison to others.

Roofs are obvious known reason – to make easy water runoff – but there and here, a flat roof crops up. In case you have a flat roof somewhere on your home, then it is possible you would need to waterproof it occasionally as water collects on flat surface simply and seeps in.

For home with basements, the process of waterproofing is a necessity as water soaks into the walls as well as moves up by the effect of capillary.

The effective results of waterproofing could be found out at homes with flat roofs & basements.

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