Waterproofing of Terrace with china mosaic is a debatable topic.
We come across a lot of clients who get education from fellow applicators, contractors, consultants, experts, and other categories of people who say Waterproofing is not advisable on this or waterproofing can’t be done over surface fixed with ceramic tiles/ vitrified tiles/ china mosaic tiles and give them different reasons and explanations of adhesion, servicability, warranty etc.

We at Raja & Raja® undertake waterproofing of the terrace laid with china mosaic, vitrified tiles, ceramic tiles without removing them (unless broken or hollow) using our set of derived and proven waterproofing systems.

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Of course, there are a few cautions which one needs to take, but the document is shared with maximum knowledge for any applicator to end-user.

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We at Raja & Raja® – Waterproofing Solutions Experts undertake all kinds of challenging jobs and reward warranty for the executed work; not to restrict, we always assist our client with their waterproofing requirement for their asset protection and maintenance.

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