The AI ~ Artificial Intelligence: 
As the name suggests it is created artificially with natural intelligence.

The AI is the set of pre-fetched or recorded data on basis of which the computer or device are already processed with; the AI uses the past record and projects the specific result we expect to pull out using commands.

The Artificial Intelligence in Construction:
The Artificial Intelligence in Construction has taken enough pace.

  1. Material & Inventory management
    forecasting the material supply and ordering it just in time to possess minimum inventory on the head and thereby allowing optimization of your liquid finance and storage issues (if any).
  2. Optimization of Transportation routes
    Generally for transportation of goods into the city are painful. Because of traffic regulations, the truckloads are not easy to bring in at peak time, the same could be minimized with AI
  3. 3D Printing & Pre-Fabrication
    The device keeps track of the records while creating the Pre-fabricated parts or 3D printed construction part.
  4. Risk & Safety Management
    With Image recognition support using Machine learning, the risk & safety compliances are strictly followed and chances of fatal accidents are minimized.
  5. Quality Management & Contol
    The quality of construction is traced and recorded with the following process, type/grade of raw materials used, a process of blending/curing etc which can be easily monitored & analysed by machine without human interference using AI & image recognition support.
  6. Stability & Sustainability Analysis
    With help of BIM & 3D BIM the geometric collision between incompatible elements of waterproofing in construction, and exploration of the design in a render & simulator to check the effects in the controlled visualized environment and designing measure to enhance the same.



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