Porous Concrete is also called Pervious concrete, Permeable concrete, which has high porosity which permits the precipitation of liquid or gases to pass directly through.

The porous concrete is made by large aggregates with little to no fine aggregates.
The primary use of this concrete is to avoid runoff from the site and allowing groundwater recharge.

The traditional use of this concrete was to use it at:

  • Parking lots
  • Walkways
  • Streets with walkways & traffic

The Porous concrete has evolved a lot due to getting recognition as Sustainable Construction Material.

The porous concrete could be used in multiple ways for following:

  1. Air & Water Purification Partitions
  2. Creating of Partition walls
  3. Vertical Sound Wall
  4. Retaining Walls
  5. Fire Walls
  6. Tree Gates
  7. Animal Shades
  8. Water Pathways
  9. Sports Pavements
  10. Decorative Pavements
  11. Drain floors
  12. Strome Water management
  13. Ground Water Improvement

Researchers are constantly innovating the applications where this kind of porous concrete could be used towards sustainable constructions.



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