Yes, It’s matter of Reputation for any builder, developer & realtor to maintain their reputation for a QUALITY intact.

Eventually at the end of the day Brand sells; and brands are built on basis of quality of product, services offered in a unique way.

Reputation, brings a greater number of projects to them. It also brings the higher selling of the estates with relatively low marketing expense and at the end it generates more equity value and brand recognition.

There are various things a builder / developer / realtor undertakes, to build & create their reputation as a seasoned industry leader.

Here are the few things they do:

  1. Build a grand, classy & elegant elevation.
  2. Adding glass façade & lighting to the elevation
  3. Plan a grand lobby & passage area
  4. They give fancy Spanish name to their project
  5. Add on all necessary amenities during Fitouts

Still at times, their brand value & reputation gets affected.

The reputation is affected generally because of following:

  1. Failing the commitments given to associates
  2. Quality of construction
  3. Quality of Waterproofing
  4. Planning of provisions

Here further in this article we would talk about Keys to keep your reputation & brand value as a Builder / Developer / Realtor intact with help of Waterproofing.

Typically, any construction project whether in planning stage, execution stage or completed; insures nearly 3-4% in projects whereas accounts for nearly 83% of building defects.

Typically, its low-cost investment which protects the reputation of builder / developer / relator and prevents incurring repair expenses later to estate owner or the builder.
Still, the builders / developers / realtors go for Low cost waterproofing services, which not only put their reputation at stake but also add unnecessary expenses incur to fix & restore the defects.

It’s the matter of fact that there shall not be any defects because of leakage in structure towards maintaining it’s structural integrity! It’s primary symptom of sustainability & longevity of structure. 

Despite knowing this fact, the builder / developers / realtor is compromise to get the best waterproofing solution to save 20-25% the total waterproofing cost and get ready put their reputation at stake.

Building defects are not easy task to identify and rectify; It directly affects your Bottom line of a project and at the same instance affects your BRAND value & positioning.

Leakage detection is invasive and tedious task. The success of waterproofing relies completely on detection of source of leakage.

The resources in terms of Time, Energy, Man power & financial investment and lastly the reputation could be better used elsewhere if the waterproofing is undertaken properly.

Premises owner associated with builder / developer / realtor also begin to spread the negative about the same. Nothing works better than “WORD OF MOUTH” publicity.

Conclusion is clear, Builder / Developer / Realtor shall invest in the BEST WATERPROOFING SYSTEM and the same shall be installed by Professional & Best Waterproofing Experts in Mumbai.


Finding Best Waterproofing System:

Best is very relative & comparable term. In waterproofing industry there are numerous products that are available in different forms and of different constitution and also for defined purposes.

There’s no universal product which performs equivalently for two different sets of Leakage issue.

Importance of suitable system associated with waterproofing product for the specified need is to be equally considerable.


As a Waterproofing Experts, we recommend following:

For New Construction in planning stage / Ongoing construction:

  • Foundation & Basement: Preformed Membranes with Crystalline Waterproofing Admixture
  • Bathrooms, Kitchens & Water Prone Area: Liquid Applied Seamless Membrane
  • Terraces / Roofs: Liquid Applied Seamless Insulating Membrane
  • Water Tanks: Crystalline Waterproofing Admixture

For Completed Construction:

  • Foundation: Crystalline Waterproofing Coating
  • Basement: Crystalline Waterproofing Coating or Box Type Waterproofing or Injection Grouting
  • Bathrooms, Kitchen & Water Prone Area: Raj Technology of Waterproofing
  • Rising Dampness & Efflorescence: Salt Penetrating Coatings
  • Terraces / Roofs: Liquid Applied Seamless Insulating Membrane
  • Water Tanks: Potable grade Waterproofing Coatings

These are the standard problem statement which any builder / developer /realtor brings to us often.
Apart from these above-mentioned problem statement there are plenty more tailor-made waterproofing solutions are offered by us in order to resolve the variety of leakage problem occurring within any R.C.C Construction.


Qualities of Waterproofer Builder / Developer / Realtor shall consider upon:

  1. Understanding the Basics of Building requirements
  2. Whether is a seasoned waterproofer or Jack of All Master of none
  3. Whether competent enough to undertake the largest or smallest of the Waterproofing jobs
  4. Provides Backed Warranty (without any additional cost)
  5. Singly owned company or has team to ensure assistance at any breakdown.
  6. Knowledge of Diagnosis of the Problem just in case results doesn’t show up as expected

Reviewing Results as a Builder / Developer / Realtor:

                When it hits to Building a Structure or Waterproofing; The exponential outcomes are assured when it identifies the requirement, briefing the requirements, systems and processes reciprocating to the requirement, products and application process to best meet requirement.

The Best Waterproofing Agency is right point of reference to confirm & assure the rights & wrong in Selection of product to Design of system to Installations & Testing validations of Waterproofing systems & services.


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