Maintenance costs have always been one of the significant concerns between Building Owners and Property Managers.

We have all the tools to educate our clients the right way to take care of their property and help them optimize their Maintenance Budget.

Here’s one of them:

Proactive Maintenance

  • Offer the Property Owner a yearly inspection and maintenance program.
  • Repair damages routinely before the worst problems happen.
  • Savings in the maintenance budget.
  • By participating in a Proactive maintenance program, you will be able to sit back and relax for all the maintenance headaches.

Reactive Maintenance

  • Reactive Maintenance happens after a problem arises.
  • Take care of you, and don’t let this panic you for the problems as they occur.
  • Damages are often ending up being more costly (average of 30% higher repair and rectification cost).

You can always check the experience of your maintenance contractor so they can offer what suits best for your maintenance.

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Our goal is always to provide value to the Estate Owner, Property Manager and Consumer.

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