Planning is one of the most important aspect of any execution strategy while preparing for your next project. Project could be as small as Fixing a Tap or a switch to making a big space or a township.
Few things comes to be considered:

  1. Ideation of work you want to execute
  2. Project Budget
  3. Timeline of Executions
  4. Contracting Company / Agency or Contractor

This is just one part. Getting right people for the job is tedious & gigantic task. As this requires thorough research and pre-outline. Taking into consideration, this kind of task is not pleasant or easy for finding the right contractor for everyone; no body wants to deal with conflicts or arguments when things to go wrong and eventually it turns out to be a blame game between both, the client and the vendor.

Also to inform, good company or good contractor isn’t a proof that it does quality work. We have to find it ourself, by checking with Family, Neighbours, Co-Workers or Associates who have some information/experience in this sector. If you can’t find anybody around you, Well! Google has all the answers!

Don’t forget To check the reputation of Contractor / Contracting Company or agency online & offline both.

This step by step information for finding a contractor that will make your project/contract dream come true:

Finding a right Contractor / Contracting Agency / Contracting Company

One needs to find the right contractor for the right job. Choosing a wrong contractor will just not hamper your pocket but the resolution towards the required work gets delayed and eventually damage to the structure.

Before you Hire a Contractor / Contracting Agency / Contracting Company

There are few important points one must consider while choosing a right contractor for their scope of work.

  1. Investigation of Work you want get it done:
    We insist clients to undertake pre-hand survey with what’s they are looking to get repaired, fixed or built.
  2. Concluding the work you want get Contactor / Contracting Agency / Contracting Company to work on:
    Post pre-investigation, you have to jot down list of work one needs to undertake for a project to get it executed and conclude the same with contractor.
  3. Call around to check if they are really professional:
    You may come across many “so called” contractors in every corner of the street, who can get your the desired work done.

    But we insist clients to check on their professionalism to undertake your scope of work. The biggest advantage clients gets by hiring professional contractor is peace of mind and smooth functioning of the project.
  4. Are they interested & excited for the project:
    Many a times, we come across contractors who are really not interested in taking up challenging & tricky jobs wherein some are not interested in undertaking labourous job. There might be few who don’t like their routine job and would like to experiment with something new each day.

    You gotta be really sure if the contractor is really interested in getting your desired scope of work.
  5. Check if they have the basic certifications of Waterproofing experience.
  6. Check if they are competent.
    Have they undertook similar job?
    Are they able to answer your query?

    Getting a qualification check before you reward a job to a vendor or waterproofing contractor in Mumbai is must.

    Due to low entry barrier in most of the contracting segment; the one who shows good presentation skill brags the project, but you know the other side, they can’t deliver as expected.
    Knowledge is the biggest query one can raise on a contractor. Remember, one who has knowledge would always educate you with the complete process and resolve your query.
  7. Check for the company constitution.
  8. Check if they have Work Completion certificates from previous clients.
  9. Do a Face-to-Face meeting

Once you shortlist a contractor or a waterproofing agency in Mumbai, it is recommended that you do a face-to-face meeting.
The meeting is always enlightening to resolve all your pending queries.
You can get the following answers from the Waterproofing contractor:

  1. Experience of Contactor / Contracting Agency / Contracting Company
  2. Their Permanent Address

References of services to similar kind of work

  1. Getting the Estimate, Timeline and other details
  2. Payment schedule
  1. Would they execute the work or they subcontract?
    This question is important to get your project executed as per prescribed timeline.

    Many a times, a contractor collaborates with subcontractors when they have overcommited their capacity and still wants to deliver the result. It should not make much of a difference to you but the matter of fact is, if your contractor is colabrating with a subcontractor than ensure the he is providing a full-time supervisor on site to make sure nothing is getting bypassed or is not getting executed as per contract.
  2. Conclude your Investigation of Contactor / Contracting Agency / Contracting Company

Last but not the least, you got to be confident about your contractor you rewarding the project.
We have come accross many such cases where the contractor did not complete the job due to various odd reasons like lack of interest, lack of skills to deliver the expected quality of work, the margin is not working out to be good enough and Pending payment /delay in payment dues from the client.

Finalizing Contract

We insist you to get the communication documented that happens with the contractor and not rely on verbal communication. Lately, its matter of fact when it’s not a winning preposition, there are instances where in people backup from the word.
Its better to get the freezed decisions to be documented and undersigned by client and vendor which would freeze the contract.

Hand over to Contractor / Contracting Agency / Contracting Company

This process is crucial and needs to be given added preference.
While handing over your site, you need to make sure of the things that are handed over to the contractor and condition of the same.

During Execution of Project

Keep Records of required details: We advice to keep recording the minute details such as inward quantity of materials, usage of material by contractor/ specs of Waterproofing material company etc.

Taking Handover of Site from Contractor / Contracting Agency / Contracting Company

When taking the site back from contractor once site is executed, take note of the documents that are been handed over and are in the same condition.
Also, take the documents of any legal documentation they did with local government bodies.
Don’t forget to take the Warranty letter/performance letter by contractor (if any) as per the contract.

Resolving Issues (if any)

There might be chances that, few queries might come up from vendor or from the client.
Make sure you get it resolved at the earliest possible.

Special Note to remember, Lowest Bidder is not always the Best Choice. You never know, where the contractor is cutting margins of the needfuls.



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