According to an ancient saying that “Prevention is Better than Cure”, same concept applies towards structural integrity of your home & premises for leakage.  

Cracks, Water seepage and water leakages in the walls & ceilings are some general concerns arising today troubling the property owner. Also, modern days problem “Salting & efflorescence” is most common and recurring problem in newly occurring constructions.

Not all structures nearby us are well protected with waterproofing techniques. It is a requirement of a individual home-owners who invest some money in the same for their house.

Remember, Your house is at danger of water damage without suitable waterproofing system installed. A good and effective waterproofing system not only stops water damage but also supports the longevity & integrity of the structure.

There are a few factors to consider earlier to applying a good waterproofing system at your homes.
List goes as:

  • Geographic Location
  • Environmental Conditions
  • Type of Structure
  • Requirement of Waterproofing at

Waterproofing products are now available at nearby Hardware stores, paint shops,  brick & mortar vendor and also available online.

In case you are hiring waterproofing contractors in Mumbai, you should inform them your relevant requirement for waterproofing at specific place. Because, no singe waterproofing product is strategic fit for different problem.
All products are designed for the specific purpose, similar to Medicines available in the medical stores. The wrong selection of waterproofing doesn’t add value towards the solution but adds more cost towards rectification of same.

You shall conclude the need of waterproofing, when you structure says!
Damn! We are not kidding, Your structure narrates that there is a leak but problem is we don’t understand it.
Here are few signs that shows presence of seepage/leakage and need of Waterproofing:


  1. Peeling / Chipping off Paint: It’s common problem every structure faces when it got leakage issue. Paint usually starts to peel when the bonding between the wall/ceiling and paint vanishes. Presence of water in any form is a reason of most debonding issues occurring throughout globe.
  2. Growing Fungus & Mold on Walls & Ceiling: This is little advance step of the progress of leakage. Grow of fungal virus & mold occurs during wet conditions only. This kind of situations narrates you to check for the hidden seepage occurring in your premises. If you are keeping blind eye to this problem, you are inviting health issues for your self & damage to your premises as well.
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  3. Unpleasant Odours: Something when rots, it starts to stink and releases the unpleasant odour. Usually rotting occurs in presence of water forms and microbial growth. The same is case when the fungus is already been present it starts to rot the water content present in gypsum plaster or paint and starts to decay. This odour indicate your nose the possible presence of hidden leakage or seepage.
  4. Visible Water Spots on Walls & Ceiling: We start to believe when we see the visibly changing dry spots to wet water spots and on war front we call Waterproofing expert to do the needful to fix the same.

Remember, This could be fixed with many of the different ways of the rectification; Process of same is different from contractor to contractor. Charges for rectification & hiring of waterproofing contractors in Mumbai differs as per to the requirements, challenges involved, area of work & geographic location of waterproofing site.
There exists many contractor who does this work by breakage and rejuvenation; wherein hardly a few does without breakage & alteration. In case you hire the services of one from other possible areas, compensation for travel charges is expected. Most of the times to save the cost, people select doing tasks manually. But it leads to more problems, time wasted and added expenses. Thus now give protection and safety to your offices and homes from water leakages, by using the services of a suitable waterproofing contractor.

You would need to check the record of the contractor before opting and hiring for one. You should utilise your mind and hire the suitable one. If you are facing any type of problem to hire an experienced contractor then it is suggested you to get some recommendations from family, friends or search online.

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