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Rooftop Garden & Farming (Using a terrace for Gardening & Farming with robust Waterproofing)


Usually we see the Farmland & Garden on the mother-earth, but this client wanted Farm & Garden to be on his terrace, a Rooftop garden!

Imagine, the terrace which leaks in usual, how would it be containing the waterproofing strength to hold the Garden & Farm in it?

Yes, It is possible!
with Right technology, Right product, Right application & most importantly with EXPERTS consultation & supervision.

Here’s one of our site featuring the Roof Garden & Roof Farm with Waterproofing undertaken by Waterproofing Experts in Mumbai during early 2011.
The video is taken on 15th February 2020 (almost 9 years after the work has been completed)

See the farm featuring Raddish, Fenugeek, Papaya Tree, Chilies, Spinach, Grapes & what not right in to the slab soil and not pots.
Exciting isn’t it?
See more such on our yourtube channel.

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Do you have your own terrace and want to convert it to GARDEN or FARM with out it troubling your neighbor for the Water Leakage?

We are available on +912225080101 to discuss it out.

We Raja & Raja Waterproofing P. Ltd (a waterproofing experts for rooftop gardens in Mumbai) take pleasure sharing our Terrace Garden waterproofing for client based out of Mumbai.
know more here.
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