Swimming pools have always been helpful especially when children and adults desire to boost physical health. Additionally, families can always enjoy playing with their little ones, relax around the pool or attend pool parties during summer. So, if you wish to fulfill your needs and need to construct a pool, then you can consider the steps compiled below.

Create a design & Proposal

Before you start off with anything else, you should create a design that would describe the overall size of the pool. You can get in touch with reputed contractors and consultants established near your locality.

Permissions & Approvals

After the design is created, you need to seek permission and the approval from authorities or government officials. These would help get in touch with architects who are permitted to build swimming pools.

Pool Layout & Excavation

Much before the commencement of the work, make sure that the pool is outlined on the ground. Ensure that you receive the approval so that workers can start the task of excavating mud. Digging out the ground involves vertical and flat excavation. The experts can always use machines which offer a safe way to carry on with the excavation.

Installation of plumbing & Drainage system

Before the pool is filled with water, it’s essential to lay down plumbing lines, arrange for a drainage system and set up dual main drains. Besides, you should confirm whether electric fittings are installed properly. If you plan to set up lights, or an electrical massager then makes sure that there’s sufficient electric power. For safety, you should also check that there are no leakages when the current is supplied.

Guniting / Shotcreting

Later, it’s important to create a steel grid with rebars and move ahead with Guniting / Shotcreting. According to industry standards, you should spray concrete through a hose at a pressure of 3000 PSI. We recommend you to use Raja & Raja’s special admixture for enhancing strength and reducing waste during rebound. Even though it’s not required to waterproof dense concrete, we advise you to use Raja & Raja Base Coat SP or HPU SP as a bonding and waterproofing coat.

Laying out the deck

To enhance the appearance within the pool premises, the deck layout needs to be determined. Just take care that the deck is durable, chip resistant, and can sustain the motion of the underlying soil. You can go for varieties like a tiled deck, concrete deck, sundek, and a pea gravel deck. For stabilizing the soil, we suggest you to use Raja & Raja additive before deck fabrication.

Finally, ensure that you carry out deck pour at low temperatures so that the quality of concrete is not affected. Once again, we recommend one of our special admixtures to increase the deck’s strength. Post carrying out the aforementioned processes, the workers should clean the site thoroughly, fill the pool and inspect the outdoor water body thoroughly.

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