As early as the monsoon season makes a way out, its result is noticed as much within the homes as well as outside the home; within the structures and outside the structures. It is obvious to find individuals/organization making a beeline to repair wet patches, leaking walls, and the likes. Peeling off paint, damp bits lynching loose all turn into main reasons & causes of awkwardness in an otherwise immaculate home. You cannot control & manage the rains, possibly, but what you do is to control & manage is how it directly affects your home/structures.

Leakage at Ceiling
Leakage at Ceiling


The significance of a waterproofing can’t be ignored.

You can see, waterproofing has always had an important role although somewhat abandoned in the construction business. Apart from the famous belief, Role & function of Waterproofing in a project is restricting surface secure from water ingress. But Waterproofing is also a great contributor towards enhancement of actual construction life & stability.

Investments on Lakhs & Crores are done towards on the interiors & decor. Starting with classy furniture, posh designs to pricey upholstery and high-tech technology, much commotion goes into what is acknowledged as ‘DOING UP A HOME. We don’t hesitate to invest/spend lakhs for the classy looking interior, textured paints, antique wood art etc., but when it comes to Waterproofing or related utilities, People try to ignore such investment/spending as it’s not going to be visible to anyone.


However, we all aren’t known to fact that it just takes one rain spell to ruin everything you did for your house makeover.
A few homes don’t even need to wait for the rains, Repair work in an adjacent, adjoining, upstairs flat is enough to transform your walls & ceiling to seepage/leakage mode.

Leakage at Sidewalls

The problems of leakages not just mar the complete ambience but even make the place unsanitary, filthy and also unliveable & uncopiable. It is of late that waterproofing is ultimately being given the significance it justifies by constructions consultants and architects while planning different types of building projects, contractors before execution of any work.

A structure is basically composed of Two part.

For your kind information there are four major areas that needs the most concentration once it comes to the waterproofing i.e. outside building walls (often known as Dead Wall, Blank Wall, Blind Wall, Exterior Wall, External Envelope or Building Envelope), Ceilings & Slabs (often known as Roof, sloping roofs), Water prone areas (like Toilets, bathrooms, Sink slabs or sunken portions), Expansions joints and Basements (if any).

With time & age; everything turns older & older and so the Structures & buildings. Their exterior (outside) surfaces begin getting deterioration, loose & hollow plaster, wall cracks, and blisters etc. Same thing applies to Terraces that get ruined surfaces after being uncovered, exposed to atmospheric changes in due course.

Even alike concerns of exteriors, it’s even common to find people bad-tempered & irritated because of water percolating from Bathrooms, Powder Rooms, Toilets, Urinals, Wash areas or Sink from upstairs & adjoining flat is affecting a seepage which gets turned in to a terrible leakage; which is not-often due to age but also due to modifications/alteration made to the original structure.

Understanding the various Causes of Leakage in Above Ground Structure is a important factor of any waterproofing.

Best time to undertake Waterproofing Work:

The Best time to undertake waterproofing is before monsoon season thinking about the Indian weather condition for exterior surfaces. Of course, post-monsoon it is good time to fix the wrongs in the home, building or structure. Also, the best time to undertake waterproofing for seepage occurring through internal sources could be addressed all-round the year, post finding the source.

About the Waterproofing Products & Market (Then):

Earlier till a decade and half, waterproofing was done with the assistance of conservative civil systems such as laying brick bat coba on roof and re-plastering the outside walls to avoid leakages throughout impending monsoons. Normally, it was rendered, executed and attained by an unorganised segment and in different cases, the outcomes weren’t acceptable and not result orientated along with non-satisfaction to oneself.

There are more than a few choices available of Waterproofing product in Indian market for high quality and durable waterproofing. All delivering different aspects of the characteristics.

About the Waterproofing Products & Market (Now):

Presently, with the technology advancement; Polymer based Waterproofing is been a game changer waving off conventional methods to the maximum. Yet for a few heads, conventional methods are being found to be used and been succeeding them in their own ways. The technology is not only yielding outcomes but is even confirming to be more reasonable in terms of time, money & labour investment to contractors, agencies and to customers.

Waterproofing using Polymer based Technology has several benefits over conventional & civil-oriented waterproofing. Waterproofing using polymer-based technology is a quick and easier technique that assures no harm, damage to the structure and its appearance. Even, these systems are all set to use without any additional pre or post treatments. Apart from these, there are still plenty more pluses to this.

Problem Analysis:

It is required to run a thorough analysis of the leakage source for desired & effective results after the utilisation of this advanced technology. There are trained, skilled & veteran professionals in the market that undertake this type of job and who have a perfect knowledge, ability, and experience of delivering satisfactory end results.
Ideally; Waterproofing contractors or Waterproofing agencies work as per specifications and processes laid by the specification designer & manufacturer who produce these products.

In case done in an organized, corrected & systematic way as prescribed as per manufacturer’s guideline, polymeric-based waterproofing is effective solution for seepages and leakages occurring through exterior of structures as well as improving the structure’s life, all in a reasonable way.

Thus, in case you think this monsoon season is mauling your home, it is good time to think about some effective and good waterproofing technology and most importantly an agency or contractor who has experience and ability to positive draw conclusion & delivers results in either cases.


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