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“Maintenance is Investment not Cost” – 2 Strong reasons to consider

Why Maintenance is Investment | Preventive Maintenance

Silicone Membrane – Emerging Waterproofing Coating Technology in India

Silicone Membrane Roof Coatings – An emerging Roof waterproofing technology in India It is a well-accepted fact that...
Yoga and Waterproofing

Yoga And Waterproofing – 5 Common & Powerful Fundamentals

Learning Yoga and Waterproofing is evergreen experience, the more you learn, deeper you know about it and at one point of time, you feel there's too much more.
Yoga and Waterproofing

6th International Yoga day – 21st June 2020

Celebration of 6th International yoga day is common for waterproofers. The foundation of yoga is for Body & Soul and so structure. Read it to know it well.


OPERATIONAL UPDATE 1st June 2020From desk of CEO, Raja & Raja® We wish our...

Important 7 Pre-Monsoon Checklist for Buildings

Pre-monsoon Checklist for Building Why a checklist? A checklist is a list of tasks...

Step by step Waterproofing for existing Terrace roof

Do you know?  That the summer is the only and last moment to fix all odds that occurred during the last monsoon such as Leakage...
Roof Top Garden & Farmingvideo

Rooftop Garden & Farming (Using a terrace for Gardening & Farming with robust Waterproofing)

Usually we see the Farmland & Garden on the mother-earth, but this client wanted Farm & Garden to be on his terrace, a Rooftop...
Operational Update 23-03-2020

Operational Update – 23rd March, 2020

OPERATIONAL UPDATE 23rd March 2020 From desk of CEO, Raja & Raja®   We wish our clients, vendors, suppliers and TEAM at Raja & Raja and Stakeholders, a...

Artificial Intelligence in Construction

The AI ~ Artificial Intelligence: As the name suggests it is created artificially with natural intelligence. The AI is the set of pre-fetched or recorded data...